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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Travelling with babies, toddlers children and little ones to the small friendly Bequia and Saint Vincent and The Grenadines . . . Top Tips

Babies Love Bequia :)

Everyone loves babies on Bequia - wherever you go, you will receive a friendly welcome and a helping hand. This island is idyllic for children as well as adults - how relaxing to chill out on the beach and watch your little ones playing nearby in the white sand.

Here are our top tips to allow for you and your children to have the best Bequia experience :)

Pack & Play Cot
Simply ask our on Island team to arrange this for you
Car Seat We recommend car hire for most of the villas on island, to make exploring Bequia even easier and allowing you to fit more in during your vacation
Skin So Soft This amazing cream seems to have a magical gift for keeping those mosquitoes away, and of course is the just the thing for your little one after a day in the sunshine. Just ask the Grenadine Island Villas Team about acquiring this - the local supermarkets are sure to have it and we would be pleased to have some ready for you at your villa upon arrival
30 SPF factor sun cream you can never have too much sun cream, go for one that is easy to apply
Nappy & Baby Kit simply email the team with a list of all you will need and we can have it ready and waiting for you at your villa.
The Manchineel Tree This tree provides great shade on the beach for you to set up camp under on a dry day, but don't stand underneath when it is raining - the sap is poisonous. Also beware that the fruit that falls from the trees are not to be touched as they may irritate the skin, and are poisonous
Hospital Bequia has a small hospital, and there is also one in Mustique. You can fly to Martinique or Barbados for more serious injuries - if in doubt talk to our team for assistance with any ill or injured children.
Lower Bay Natural Baby Pool! Lower Bay is the best beach for children, due to the shallow, warm lagoon created naturally by a small reef by the shore.

Top 10 fun activities for children staying on Bequia in St Vincent & The Grenadines

There is so much to do on our beautiful Caribbean Island, here are our top 10 favourite activities for kids!

1. Be a Pirate for the day! Blackbeard the famous pirate renovated his ship in Admiralty Bay Bequia . . . kids of all ages enjoy sailing with the Friendship Rose Schooner on an all day adventure through the Grenadines
2. Visit the Turtle Sanctuary This is a fantastic project to help save the beautiful Hawksbill Turtle, run by a man with a passion for these amazing animals. Take a fun ride in an open backed taxi to visit the sanctuary, not to be missed!
3. Rock pools on Lower Bay Hang out with the local kids on a Sunday, exploring this beautiful beach and snorkeling
4. Sand Castle Competition! Bequia's annual easter regatta includes an unmissable sand castle competition on the Sunday. This is a fantastic sight, so much fun!
5. Natural Coconut Boats These unique local toys are the perfect souvenier to remind you of your island adventures
6. Fresh Fruit Meet the rastas at the local market - this is a great experience, with plenty of local, fresh fruit and vegetables to choose from
7. Try a dive You can try from the age of 10! Or if you want to snorkel, you can also go out with the dive boat.
8. Home made ice cream from Gingerbread pistachio, mango or fudge, this ice cream is fresh and creamy - the perfect way to cool down after some Bequia exploring. Enjoy one scoop (or three!) whilst sat at the waterfront cafe, looking out at the Caribbean Sea
9. Frangi Jump Up Kids are welcome to this Thursday Night event, with live steel pan music and a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere. Kids will love dancing to the local music with a bitter lemon in hand!
10. Fishing from the dock Get a bit of bait, some line and have a go - hours of fun!

We hope you enjoy your Bequia Vacation and manage to fit everything in! Simply Contact the Team at Grenadine Island Villas for assistance in organising these activities :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Contact the Grenadine Island Villas Team for Super discounts on Holiday rentals for Stunning properties on Bequia.

We have the full range of Villa rentals to suit your budget still available for your Christmas and New Year Break on Bequia.
Full selection of Available properties on Bequia for the Holiday Season
These properties are keen to get booked and our team can help you to secure the most amazing Bequia deals.

Pea Patch Estate for example is peaceful villa set in an acre of land with a large pool and a very welcoming feel. This property has now been reduced to 1200USD Per week.

Orchard Apartment - with access to a super little pool is available - see the full info on this great Bequia holiday apartment.

Click here to view all the properties with Christmas or New Year Availability

This is a busy time and properties are booking up fast.
We look forward to providing you with best recommendations on best deals and best properties on Bequia and the Grenadines.
The Grenadine Island Villas Team

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