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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kitesurfers Paradise - Union Island

the reef on Union island gives a far far away feeling

Union is a real escape with the core of local island life at its heart - kiteboarding, sailing and diving - this is a vibrant island with a raw edge

full selection of cool places to stay (including pool) can be best booked with our friendly team at Grenadine Island Villas 

for a similar experience enjoy our selection of nearby Palm Island villas 

explore Union Island further here

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pink Sands Cub open soon on Canouan

the Pink Sands Club opening soon
 on Canouan
take a look at our villas on Canouan

Dermot Desmond, new owner of the Pink Sands Club soon to open on the idyllic island of Canouan is a perfectionist and reputedly tested over 29 cruet sets before he made his final choice recently. Desmonds attention to detail may have delayed the opening somewhat but promises an impressive completed product. Desmond also owns Sandy Lane Resort on Barbados which reflects his pleasure in selecting the best possible finish and providing an unparalleled level of sophisticated accomodation for the whole family. 

Canouan already offers guests a varied selection of eateries:

Shell Beach Bar & Grill - open for lunch
La Piazza - open for breakfast & dinner
Romeo e Giulietta - open for lunch & dinner
Bellini’s Bar and Bistro - open for dinner
La Varenne - open for dinner
Palapa @ Tamarind- open for Breakfast, Lunch & dinner
Pirate Cove @ Tamarind- open for dinner
The Beach Bar @ Tamarind - open for lunch

As well as the 18 course golf club there is windsurfing, sunfish sailing, hiking tours, fishing excursions, tennis lessons, beach volleyball, kayaking, scuba diving fitness suite, health centre, snorkeling excursions etc available
A complimentary golf cart is provided and air transfers from/to Barbados are also included.

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